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Side A:
1. Gang War
2. Hopscotch
3. Nickelbags
4. Hot Wheels
5. Acadamy Street Gang (hi-hat-snare)
6. Acadamy Street Gang (ride-stick)
7. The River
8. Johnny Boy
9. The Stoop

Side B:
1. Steven Lane
2. Cooper Street Gang (hats)
3. Cooper Street Gang (ride)
4. Boiler Room
5. The Super
6. Waterbugs (hats)
7. Waterbugs (ride)
8. Twins
9. Cindy Goodwin
10. Jimmy The Jaw
11. Junkie



This is the greatest of all drum beat LP's for DJ's, producers and anyone else who needs to get down with their bad selves. Produced by Scotty Hard (Wu Tang Clan, Prince Paul, DJ Logic, Medeski Martin & Wood, Sex Mob, Tricky, Material, Grave Diggas, PM Dawn, De La Soul, Cypress Hill...)

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Also available on CD.

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