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This single CD will be a limited edition release (1000).

Previous reviews of the illy B Eats series:

"Recording as illy B, MMW drummer Billy Martin produced a series of breakbeats for DJs, shipped them off to some friends, and released Drop the Needle - an enthralling, diverse collection of beautiful-noise grooves."
- Village Voice

" ****"
- All Music Guide




A second volume of illy B Eats remixes featuring DJ P Love (Kid Koala's protege/band mate and Medeski Martin & Wood's guest on their Uninvisible tour and record), DJ RPM (Drop the Needle) and many others. Billy Martin compiled and produced this second volume which presents a whole other side of instrumental-only tracks. 'Antidote' includes great arrangements using traditional jazz instrumentalists interacting with the remixers studio and/or turntablists and other non-traditional methods.

1. It's Too Late - DJ RPM (Portland, Maine, USA)
2. Cygnus Loop - Felnik (NY, USA)
3. War of the Worldz - beat siblings (Boston, USA)
4. St. Viateur Shuffle - DJ P Love (Montreal, Canada)
5. Khoo - Big Hair (UK)
6. At Last - DJ RPM (Portland, Maine, USA)
7. illOut - Pistol Pete (Mobile, Alabama, USA)
8. Pepplitudes of Gweech - Felnik (NY, USA)
9. Triangulation - Exaltron (NY, USA)
10. Camui Pirika - Takashi Ueshima (Tokyo, Japan)

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