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Amulet Highlights for Sept-Dec. 2007

Notes from Billy Martin aka illy B and Amulet Records president:

I. IOOi is a band I put together a year ago at John Zorn's club, The Stone. IOOi is an experimental quartet that utilizes electronics, percussion and cello. IOOi is lkue Mori (Laptop), Okkyung Lee (cello), DJ Olive (turntables, laptop) and mice-elf: illy B (percussion). Lastly, IOOi is also the title digitally available on iTunesand eMusic exclusively. Check out our link for further info:

II. There are some really nice reproductions of various 'veve's' I exhibited last winter that you can check out and purchase at the 'illy B Gallery store'. Very limited large archival prints numbered and signed. Check it out here:
illy B Art store

III. Most of the Amulet recordings have been drastically reduced in price. Especially the illy B Eats Box Set CDs and LP's by 50 percent! Please take advantage of that. These are specially packaged collectables. Here today - gone tomorrow.
Amulet Store

Besides the ever-evolving and dynamic performances with MMW this year, there are some other upcoming events that my heart is also in:

Some of my brand spankin' new illy B art will be on exhibit mid-December through Jan.08 at
The Morrison Gallery

Billy Martin art

illy B art online

My favorite MMW record to date is for 'kids' and it's called Let's Go Everywhere. The very lucky Little Monster Records will release it November 20th!! Let's hope they can get it out then!

On Nov.3rd, I'll have a drum clinic at PASIC (percussion summit in Columbus) discussing Riddim and more!

Then, a special intimate performance at The Stone premiering new music and filmwork on November 4th

I'll tour with my old Lounge Lizards mate Grant Calvin Weston in the North-East U.S. first week in December (TBA).
Percussion Duets
Percussion Duets Live


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