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On April 3, Amulet Records released Groove, Bang and Jive Around, Volume 1 in the illy B Eats series of breakbeat and percussion samples intended for DJ use. Available only on limited edition vinyl, this Scotty Hard (Medeski Martin & Wood, Wu-Tang Clan, Jungle Brothers) produced album features 13 tracks of ground-thumping beats. Martin intends for Groove, Bang to also be part collaborative project in which DJs and musicians whom use the beats in original compositions then submit their works to illy B Eats for possible inclusion on a forthcoming double compilation.



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illy B (aka Billy Martin) is inviting all djs and musicians alike to participate in a collaborative project. A future double CD release is planned with special guest artists, and this may include you! Send in your contribution using any illy Beat from this vinyl. Your own performance style (whatever it may be): scratching, rapping, instrumentation, lyrics, samples, loops, etc... combined with any other musical ideas are encouraged. There are no rules... as long as it's music and it grooves. Your recording may be altered or remixed in the final production stages. Please include your contact info.

Send in your audio format (CDR preferred) to:
illy B Eats
c/o MMW 189 Franklin St. suite 491
NY, NY 10013

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"check the vibe - live drums meet the break beat era - you definitely wanna check in with two copies of this joint - strictly bangin' wildstylz on ya decks - live drums set the standard, and all other breakz are just loops... not just another break record.Illy B flips drum rolls, snare fills all that ill sh*t that make breaks so dope. I repeat: two copies"
-Dj Spooky that SubliminalKid

"illy B is always eatin the best s**t - forget what you heard, the second M in MMW steps to the front of the live hip-hop game by blazing beats heard round the world. can the drummer get some? illy has enough to feed the world, come take a taste of the best soul-food a DJ can find - fresh cooked beats...not like your momma makes"
- dj logic, bronx new york

The title Groove Bang and Jive Around was inspired by
Steve Cannon's book of the same name.

"Strange tales woven around a strange tale."
-Darius James (New York Press)


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