Bob Moses and Tisiji Munoz Love Everlasting
(Amulet - AMT003)
Featuring George Garzone & Jerry Bergonzi on saxes, John Medeski & Brad Hatfield on keyboards, John Lockwood & Wesley Wirth on basses, Bob Moses and Ben Whitman on drums & Tisiji Munoz on guitar. This is truly a cosmic love fest dedicated to and in the spirit of John Coltrane. Bob Moses has assembled a powerful double band with a number of Boston's finest musicians, the two saxists and John Medeski being the well known factors here, besides both leaders. Trane helped to originate the idea of the double band in the mid sixties, but instead of the long marathon solos that Trane specialized in, this band plays more in that deep, flowing modal sound - where the cosmic vibrations wash over our sad souls and soothe us. There are only six pieces here, with three being over ten minutes, three by Moses, two by Munoz and only one Trane cover - "Naima" once more. Both Bob and Tisiji have written some incredibly haunting melodies here, mesmerizing us with layers of lines that begin in peace and end in storms of activity set afire. Both tenor saxes - Garzone and Bergonzi play beautifully together, warm, lush-toned restraint - Trane-like streams of notes in short bursts - the heavens part as the entire ensemble reaches for the sky! John Medeski, organist for MMW, plays only piano here and pulls off an immensely spirited solo on "Earth Changes". - Bruce Lee Galanter (Downtown Music Gallery)

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