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All Music Guide's Review of 'illy B Eats'

Intended to be used by DJs, this vinyl-only release of breakbeats by Medeski, Martin, and Wood drummer Billy Martin (aka illy B) contains 13 unique beats produced by Martin and long-time MMW collaborator Scotty Hard. Though it is not intended to be listened to straight-through, Martin and Hard infuse the tracks with other sounds - blurping synthesizers, rhythmic static, and assorted noises - that make listening a linear experience. Martin's ultra-melodic, super-sensitive drumming absolutely shines here, making a case for Martin as a truly revolutionary innovator of the instrument. The pieces are structured like songs, with other parts coming in at appropriate times. It's hard to imagine what DJs might do with this music because Martin has made each track so complete -- though that process of envisioning is certainly one of the pleasures of listening to it.

-- Jesse Jarnow
AMG All Music Guide

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