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Side A
1. Temple Gamelan (part1) - 5:17
2. Jegog (part1) - 1:29
3. Flute solo - 1:39
4. Gender Wayang (part1) - 4:52
5. Jegog (part2) - 2:31

Side B
1. Flutes duet - 3:28
2. Gender Wayang (part2) - 4:22
3. Temple Gamelan (part2) - 6:32



Album artist: various Balinese musicians

Recorded by David Baker in Bali 1995
Mastered by Katsuhiko Naito, Avatar NYC 2009
Produced by Billy Martin

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Another pristine sounding recording of various music settings from the island of Bali.
This second volume of music was culled from David Baker's (1946-2004) audio archives from 1995.

Design: 12" 180 grams LP picture disk encased in a clear plastic sleeve.

"raw and utterly infectious...a new genre emerges: garage gamelan" —SPIN Magazine

"seductive...most of this music is on the peaceful side for Bali." —CMJ Monthly

"...if you ever wondered about the musical roots of minimalist composers Philip Glass and Steve Reich, this is the place to look" —Richard Gehr (sonicnet.com)

"...attendant ambience with surprisingly crisp fidelity. As a sophisticated musical travelog of a strange and wonderful place. This is as good as it gets. Outstanding." —Alternative Press Magazine

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