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1- Earth Mover - 6:44
2- Space Boy - 4:45
3- Pop Goes The Weasel - 4:31
4- Let's Funk - 3:43
5- That's It - 3:21
6- Area 51 - 15:44
7- What It Look Like - 1:28



Grant Calvin Weston drums, trumpet, keyboards
Walter Weasel, Jeff Monjack, Dion Paci
Tom Spiker
Elliott Levin
Brian Marsella

Billy Martin presents this fresh new masterpiece from drummer/bandleader Grant Calvin Weston (Ornette Coleman/James Blood Ulmer/John Lurie's Lounge Lizards). The cd begins with solo compositions evolving into larger ensemble works and a nice variety of players from Calvin's hometown of Philadelphia. Calvin played with Billy Martin (Medeski Martin and Wood) in the Lounge Lizards back in the late 1980's. He started his career playing with Ornette Coleman when he was 17 years old. Calvin is a true original and this record is a gem.
Only 1000 cds printed

"Calvin is one of my biggest influences. He has been a huge inspiration to many musicians and a portal into Ornette Coleman's funky harmolodic world. This recording is a culmination of music made on the West Coast and in his Philadelphia hometown. The intense wild alchemy utilizing acoustic and electronic sounds in combination with other Philadelphia musical mavericks makes this a very special (and fun!) trip into the world of Grant Calvin Weston"
- Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood)

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