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1. Overture
2. Top-side City
3. Talking drums
4. Agoxixi (part 1)
5. Agoxixi (part 2)
6. New Moon
7. Tree Tops




A celebration of the 10th anniversary of this percussion duo's first release (Percussion Duets), and testimony to the unique creative force of these former John Lurie National Orchestra/Lounge Lizards percussionists! A powerful mix of textures, grooves, blood and guts from Africa to South Philly.The sound quality is excellent and you can really lose yourself in this 'otherly' dimension, which these two artists create every time they perform together. Many people showed up for this dynamic duo's show at Houston Hall, which recalls those famous 'drum battles' staged in the 1950s.This special mixture of intensity and beauty proves Martin & Weston to be one of the great drum duos of our time.

"A veritable feast of rhythmic improvisation/extrapolation/sensation in the hands of masters who just wanna have fun; two sets of trap drums, hand percussion and vintage drum machines can rock the world-playful go-go swing-to-drum battle-to-funky soft-shoe shuffle." -JazzTimes

Grant Calvin Weston and Billy Martin : drums and percussion, trumpet (Weston)

All music by Billy Martin and Grant Calvin Weston (illyB Music BMI)
*Bell part on track 8: Tony Cosby
Presented by Mark Christman and Ars Nova Workshop
Recorded by Brendan Krivda live to 2 tracks November 11th, 2002
at Houston Hall, Upenn, Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper
House engineer Dave Brotman
Photography by Jaci Downs

©2004 Amulet Records