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1. Bouquet
2. Max Moon
3. Winding Road to Tree House
4. Six Grandfathers
5. Some words about Black Elk
6. Coconuts Feeding Birds
7. Flora Aura
8. The Daybreak Star Herb of Understanding
9. Favela
10. Duck Pond
11. Some words about Burundi
12. Burundi drums
13. Talking drum
14. Finale (part 1)
15. Finale (part 2)
16. Finale (part 3)




Following Billy Martin's first solo CD Black Elk Speaks, he set out on a one-man tour of the Northeast U.S. to refute the myth that he is only a jazz-funk drummer.This CD, which contains live interpretations of some of the Black Elk music, is a testimony to Martin's immense talent. Extremely dynamic and more intimate than the studio recording - audiophiles take note.

Billy Martin is a drummer's drummer, meaning he lays down scattergun jazz-funk jammage with Medeski Martin and Wood and uses his own Amulet Records imprint to explore breakbeat science (the Illy B Eats series) and tribalistic solo drum circling (Black Elk Speaks). But rarely has this inthe- pocket explorer proven himself to be so unbelievably nasty as on his latest solo venture -CMJ

Billy Martin: drums, percussion, whistles/birdcalls

Billy Martin: drums, percussion, whistles/birdcalls
All music by Billy Martin (illyB Music BMI)
Recorded and mixed by Bill Mulvey live to 2 tracks March 21st, 2002 at Tonic, NYC
House engineer Michelle Casillas
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper
Billy Martin uses Zildjian cymbals and Regal Tip sticks
Special thanx to Bill Mulvey
Cover and inside booklet art: “Trance Machine” by Billy Martin aka illy B (multimedia collage, pen, paint pen)
Back tray and back book art: by Dakota Martin (marker)

©2004 Amulet Records