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FARMER'S RESERVE remastered digipack edition

Farmer's Reserve was recorded at the "Shack" in Hawaii in 1996. The shack was MMW’s infamous retreat spot in the 1990’s where they would live escaping the cold winters back home in NYC. After recording their hit record Shackman (Gramavision/Rykodisc) they returned to record the antithesis, a spontaneous avant garde journey of various acoustic and electric sounds. A continuous 40-minute improvisation followed by a 15-minute epilogue. This recording is pristine and will win the hearts of audiophiles and fans that dig the experimental & humorous side of these bad boys. This re-release, first time in stores has been re-mastered and designed.

John MEDESKI - prepared piano, toy piano, yamaha cso1 II synthesizer, caxixi
Billy MARTIN - talking drum, drum set, woodblocks, gongs, cowbells, caxixi, metal, seedpods, rattles
Chris WOOD - acoustic bass, guitar


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