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1  Announcement...1:02
2  Red Road...3:17
3  illy & Olive...4:32
4  Ikue, Olive & illy...3:31
5  Sleeptalking...6:09
6  Marty...6:46
7  Ikue & Olive...3:55
8  Ramblin' Man...4:20
9  Giliad...3:18
10  Bougarabou...5:51
11  Eclipse...3:56

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Billy Martin has been curating Turntable Sessions every summer at various NYC “Downtown” clubs since its inception at Exit Art’s LP Show in 2001. Each show features a DJ with various musical improvisers that are paired together. Many of the performers are meeting for the first time on stage. Luminaries from NYC’s Downtown scene and friends of Medeski Martin & Woods’ Billy Martin contribute for a strange trip through turntables, laptops, amplifiers and microphones in front of a live audience. (CD only)

A compilation of some of the best performances from the past three years. Artists featured on this volume: DJ Olive (turntables), Scotty Hard (turntables), Marty Ehrlich (flute, tenor saxophone), Mike ill (vocals, guitar), Dean Bowman (vocals), Matt Moran (vibraphone), Ikue Mori (laptop), Chris Wood (electric bass), John Medeski (keyboards), Billy Martin (percussion, drums)


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