t h e a r t o f p e r c u s s i o n , a v a n t - g a r d e a n d b e y o n d . . .


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1  Far away...1:22
2  Landing...5:05
3  Rice glue...2:58
4  Hungry ghosts...5:36
5  Ylang Ylang...2:33
6  Flashing sword...4:31
7  Xyloids...4:34
8  Heart blood...5:03
9  Co-op city...7:00
10  Starlight...1:43
11  Hustling raindrops...10:51
12  Starry night...8:31

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When disc jockey Jason Kibler (a Bronx native) is asked to investigate the unexplained behavior of a small group of drummers aboard the avant jazz club Tonic, he is shocked by what he finds upon his arrival. He finds out that the two remaining drummers onboard are exhibiting extreme stress and paranoia, seemingly caused by the results of their examination of their planet. Soon, Jason (DJ Logic) too becomes entrapped in the unique planet’s mysteries. Tonic, somehow, presents him with a second chance at love and entreats him to change the course of a past relationship that has caused him overwhelming guilt and remorse. But can he really revisit the past and alter the course of events?

Our preview may suggest a science fiction feature film and, well, it does and it fits the vibe perfectly. The preview for the film Solaris was edited to fit the characters for this performance. Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood) books a gig at Tonic (NYC) for this trio to see if they still have the magic which was exhibited back in 1999 at BAM café in Brooklyn. He was considering releasing a bootleg of the BAM gig, but decided to record at Tonic in a more professional manner. The result is a scientific soundtrack, blending many elements with a rhythmic mastery of sound using turntables, two drum-sets, talking drums, gongs, mbiras, bird whistles, duck calls, congas, woodblocks, trumpet and other sounds that defy categorization.

Billy Martin - drums, percussion, producer
Grant Calvin Weston - drums, percussion, trumpet
DJ Logic - turntables

Album Reviews:

"Think John Lurie’s Lounge Lizards crossed with Ornette Coleman and the Roots. For No One is an indescribable blend of avant-garde fundamentals mixed with electrified horns, shimmering gamelan-style percussion, African drumming, strange synthesized whines and rhythms both chaotic and comforting, If you’re a fan of these guys either individually or together, you’ll be extremely pleased." - Philadelphia Weekly

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