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Bob Moses & Billy Martin: drums, keyboards, drum machine, vocals and percussion: slit gongs, hum drums, agogo bells, nyabinghi, ganza, conga, talking drum, repinique, and caxixi.

Recorded by Billy Martin at Beatworld basement studio, Closter, NJ 1987
All music published by illy B Music, BMI



Back in 1986 following a European tour, Bob Moses (Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Rasaan Roland Kirk) and Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood, John Zorn, Iggy Pop) recorded this music in Martin's 4-track, basement studio. This project features colorful and sometimes humorous compositions utilizing percussion, minimal keyboards and vocals. These percussion masters exude a playful, otherworldly and funky attitude for this first recording session together as a duo. This Mozown/Amulet release is greatly improved, remastered, and redesigned by the artists. This was originally released in Europe in 1987.

1. Entrance to the Hall of the Drummer King
2. Mozamba
3. Nana? NoNo. NeNe! *
4. Boat Song Part 1 *
5. Boat Song Part 2 *
6. Weildin' for D Sharpe
7. Rumble in the Jungle *
8. Tempest Sandstorm *
9. Jabba the Hut Strut *
10. Laughing Drummers in the Park, On Mars *

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