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Black Elk Speaks (AMT007)
Limited Edition of 900 CD's is now available.

The Unlimited Edition
(NOT numbered, signed or silk-screen printed by the artist) will be available in stores on July 2, 2002.

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This CD is a compilation of spontaneously composed percussion recordings inspired as a musical adaptation to the spirit, visions, and stories of the great Oglala Sioux warrior and medicine man, Black Elk. With the exception of "Stridulations" - performed by the Komodo Whirligig Orchestra - each track consists of solo compositions.

"In this time of great struggle for tribes worldwide to live in peace, I find it necessary to remind all people to read the classic and timeless book, Black Elk Speaks." *
-Billy Martin, October 21, 2001

 *Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux. University of Nebraska Press

"Black Elk Speaks lets Martin uncoil like a botanist who has built his dream house somewhere below the canopy."

- Jambands.com



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