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Billy Martin

selected discography (12/14/1999):

Bob Moses: Visit with the Great Spirit (Gramavision/Rykodisc)
Bob Moses: The Story of Moses (Gramavision/Rykodisc)
Bob Moses: Time Stood Still (Gramavision/Rykodisc)
Bob Moses/Billy Martin: Drummingbirds (ITM)

Mr. Spats: +

Chuck Mangione: Live at the Village Gate (Feels So Good)+

Mike Gibbs: Big Music (Virgin)

Ned Rothenburg doubleband CDs "Overlays" (MOERS)+

Sam Bennett's Chunk:
 Life of Crime (Knitting Factory Works)+
 Beatles Live at the Knitting Factory (Knitting Factory Works)

The Lounge Lizards: Live in Berlin Vol.1/2 (Intuition)

The John Lurie National Orchestra: Men with sticks (Crammed Disc)

Marvin Pontiac:+

Medeski Martin & Wood: Notes From the Underground (hap-Jones/Accurate/Indirecto)
Medeski Martin & Wood: It's a Jungle in Here (Gramavision/Rykodisc)
Medeski Martin & Wood: Friday Afternoon in the Universe (Gramavision/Rykodisc)
Medeski Martin & Wood: Shackman (Gramavision/Rykodisc)
Medeski Martin & Wood: Combustication (BlueNote)
Medeski Martin & Wood: Combustication remixes (BlueNote)
Medeski Martin & Wood: Farmers Reserve (Indirecto)
Medeski Martin & Wood: Tonic (Bluenote)
Medeski Martin & Wood: The Dropper (Bluenote)
Medeski Martin & Wood: television feature on "Sessions at 54th Street" a PBS special series

Great Jewish Music Series on Tzadik:
 Burt Bacharach
 Serge Gainsbourg
 Marc Bolan

Billy Martin/Grant Calvin Weston: percussion duets (Amulet Records)
illy B Eats Vol.1 Groove Bang and Jive Around (Amulet)
Billy Martin: Black Elk Speaks (Amulet Records)

Michael Blake: Champa Suite (Intuition)

John Scofield: Agogo (Verve)

Cibo Matto: Stereotype A

Iggy Pop: Avenue B (Virgin)
Iggy Pop special television premiere (Feb.2000) with MMW, Chrissie Hynde, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp on CANAL+ (France)

+ = other titles, Can't remember them.


Film work:
Fishing with John series
My New Gun (performance on film)
Lounge Lizards: Live in Berlin (concert film)
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss
Gentleman B...
LuLu On The Bridge

Soundtrack CDs:
Get Shorty
Blue in the Face (music and performance on film)
The End of Violence
Manny and Lo
African Swim


Art exhibits:

Solo exhibit at the Knitting Factory 1994
Group exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia with John Lurie 1996
Solo exhibit at Tribes Gallery, NYC 1997
Atlanta group show "Cream" 2001

Art work featured on Medeski Martin & Wood and Larry Goldings CDs
Featured in "The Best Music CD Art and Design (Rockport press)

web site art gallery : www.illyB.com

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